Do Email Signature Marketing.

Manage your team's email signatures from a single place.
Turn them into a powerful marketing, branding and sales tool!

Here’s how to systematically grow your traffic, lead generation and sales with Sendsign...

chapter one

Fill in your company profile and invite your teammates.

Every day, each member of your team sends out dozens of emails, and in each of them, you may be missing an opportunity without a proper signature.

Emails with good signatures can even generate:

32% Higher response rate.

10% Greater social reach.

22% Increased clickthrough.

15% More leads.

profesional email signature
chapter two

Create or pick a proven signature template.

Our tool has visuals that are very simple to use! Never waste hours of work again managing email signatures, build impressive messages like Lego blocks.

email message with a signature
chapter three

Deploy your signature. Watch the results lift off!

Natively integrated with your favorite email clients, like Gmail, with one click.

Have a metrics dashboard fully available! Quickly find out how many people are viewing your signatures and clicking on their links.

smartphone with email signature analytics

Try our email signature generator or create an account for company-wide features!

Here's a sneak peek of the power of Sendsign. By using our signature generator below, you will be able to create a signature for yourself. We recommend you create an account to enjoy many extra styling options and sharing your signature template with your company's collaborators.

To: Elon Musk

Subject: Check out my new email signature


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Your position here

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Nothing will get the word out about your product, content or business as quickly and cheaply as your teammates' email signatures. With Sendsign™ you create custom email signatures for your company, ensuring that 100% of your employees are aligned with your brand.